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Looking Through My Eyes (by DarkStar83 & vANdERlAMP)

Listen to the  track "looking through my eyes (by DarkStar83 & vANdERlAMP)"of Austrian artist  johannes gruber aka vANdERlAMP which is based on Darkstar83’s work.

johannes gruber aka vANdERlAMP is a vienna (a) based producer of electronic and other music. from learning to play the cello and later guitar as a child he incorporated the world of synths and sample-based music in the last years.
though not limited to this his main focus is on ambient, soundscapes and triphop that he mixes with all kinds of other influences like field recordings and things alike. whatever comes into his hands is turned into sound one or the other way.

Darkstar83 is the minimalistic ambient work of Constantinos Constadinidis from Athens, Greece. Drawing from melancholic atmospheres and feelings of the mind Darkstar83 paints a dark and spacious sonic-scape with his work.