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BroodingSideOfMadness: beats,vocals,electronics,production 
 Darkstar83: bass, guitar,electronics 

 BroodingSideOfMadness is interested in phonemes, graph theory, realism and any dystopian ambience. He prefers using acoustic material than synthetic and he always seeks for the generative element in his tracks. His diverse work comprises of two large choices the one with lyricism and melody and the noisy one, sometimes he merges those two. He tackles with sound and moving image as a composer and a video artist. He is the founder of Etched Traumas netlabel.

Darkstar83 is the minimalistic ambient work of KonstantinosKonstadinidis from Athens, Greece. 
Drawing from melancholic atmospheres and feelings
of the mind Darkstar83 paints a dark and spacious sonic-scape with his work