Darkstar83 is the one-man-project of Konstantinos Konstandinidis from Greece. Darkstar83 started composing music in 2009 using computer software and midi synthesizers. One can file his music under minimalistic ambient, but sometimes he injests experimental elements using fast and slow rhythms. He suggests listening to his tracks using earphones with flat equalization, so that the atmospheres on which the pieces are built, become perceptible.

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 Latest Work "Who Am I In The World" Available On Bandcamp

Darkstar83 & 3bc//When Forever Ends(MIR Version)

The four track album takes us on a journey across expansive soundscapes accompanied by trumpet and ambient electronics for a beautifully unique cinematic sound experience. All tracks written, performed, and produced by Darkstar83 and 3bcnbetween 2012 and 2013. Trumpet on "Into Ruins" by Tetsuroh Konishi. Mixed by 3bc. Cover photography and design by Darkstar83. Original Release 05 November 2013 Darkstar83 is the minimalistic ambient work of Konstantinos Konstadinidis from Athens, Greece. Drawing from melancholic atmospheres and feelings of the mind Darkstar83 paints a dark and spacious sonic-scape with his work. Website:https://darkstar83.net/ 3bc is an ambient/electronic/experimental project of Don Cook, a Los Angeles based musician and composer. Primarily working with virtual instruments, Don weaves an engaging tapestry of sound from soothing melodic tones to the dark spaces of the sonic spectrum.Tetsuroh Konishi is an Ambient Trumpet artist from Saitama, Japan.