Darkstar83 & Audraulic Split EP

A split EP of dark ambient music by Darkstar83 and Audraulic. This EP showcases some of the talents of both producers. Both artists use digital and analogue synths, along with field recordings and sound manipulation to achieve their sound. All tracks are composed, performed and produced by each artist individually.

Kostas aka Darkstar83 has been making music for many years and has an established fan base. Kostas enjoys listening to, and creating many styles of music, ranging from rock music (he was a bass player in rock and punk bands before launching his electronic music career) to electronic ambient music. Under the pseudonym of Darkstar83, Kostas has proven himself to be a master at creating all encompassing dark ambient soundscapes. His work is very immersive and the listener will be drawn into a different world. He has numerous releases, predominantly on Etched Traumas netlabel. His music can be heard on soundcloud at:


Darkstar83 also has his own website which can be found at:


Jez aka Audraulic is newer to the electronic music scene (he too was a guitarist in many rock bands as a younger man. Indeed, he has incorporated his guitar playing into the track Viral Mycelium). Jez enjoys listening to and creating many styles of electronic music ranging from ambient to electro music. Jez likes to create music with and active mix and will incorporate his own field recordings into his work to add depth. He too has numerous releases and is also on featured on Etched Traumas netlabel. His music can be heard on soundcloud at:


Album artwork by Stephanie Mcdowell, a fantastic artist and graphic designer. Some of her work can be viewed at:


Both artists support and recommend Etched Traumas netlabel where many styles of experimental electronic music can be heard and downloaded for free: