Darkstar83 is the one-man-project of Konstantinos Konstandinidis from Greece. Darkstar83 started composing music in 2009 using computer software and midi synthesizers. One can file his music under minimalistic ambient, but sometimes he injests experimental elements using fast and slow rhythms. He suggests listening to his tracks using earphones with flat equalization, so that the atmospheres on which the pieces are built, become perceptible.

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 Latest Work "Who Am I In The World" Available On Bandcamp

The Corridor

This short movie incudes my track "Twilight on the still water"

Written, produced and directed by Simon Devir Lenny Hayden Slaine Kelly Michael O'Sullivan Director of Photography Dominique Davoust Editor 1 Richie O'Keeffie Editor 2, Colourist Dominique Davoust Music "Twilight on the still water" by Constantinos Constadinidis / Darkstar83 Boom Operator Connor Vella Special Thanks to Emma Ellis and all the staff at the Hibernian Club, Stephens Green, Dublin for the use of the interior locations. Also special thanks to James for the use of his chess board ;)