The Rain: The Story of A Fallen Angel

This short movie incudes my track "The Rain(ft Dianna) by Darkstar83

The Rain: The Story of A Fallen Angel A girl is devastated, broken. She lost love. So, rain seems to be so cruel, gloomy, and killer to her. That means she cannot participate in anything. But she gradually develops a relationship with herself and nature accompanies her in her journey. At a point, she has learned rain does not pain her as before. She can feel the bliss of the rain. She is now exalted and relishes with the drips of rain. Thus, the ultimate truth is that her broken heart is healed. And time healed all. And, so nature can please her in every sphere of her life. 

Audio: The Rain: Powerful, depressing, cold, moody, truthful. Until now it scared me. Until now I hated it. Until now I wasn’t sure of me. Now it’s all clear—well, almost. I can live, breathe, dance, sing, laugh, see, hear, smell, feel, and taste it. The rain. Now I think I know. Not everything, but more than I did before— When the rain was mean, evil, and nasty. I like the rain now, I don’t fear it like I did before. Isn’t it strange? The rain, I mean.