[ET132] Darkstar83 - Retrospective

"Darkstar83 Retrospective" is a comprehensive collection of tracks spanning the entire work of Darkstar83.The album features a total of 15 tracks, including some of the artist's most favorites works.The album features tracks from some of Darkstar83's most favorite albums, including "Final Destination," "Words Erased," "The Walls I Built Are Razor Thin," and "Out Here In The Distance."The album's tracks are atmospheric and focus on creating a sense of introspection and emotional depth. The soundscapes are built around a combination of atmospheric synths, processed field recordings,which are layered to create a dense and immersive listening experience.

"Thanks Broodingsideofmadness from Etchedtraumas "

HQ headphones or speakers strongly recommended.

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released September 6, 2022

ET132 An Etched Traumas release
December 2022

Artist : Darkstar83
Label : Etched traumas
Album : Retrospective
Format : Digital
Genre: Ambient,Soundscape

Artwork Design By: broodingsideofmadness